Take my hands
do you feel them?
Look my eyes
Are you scared of me?
Why you donít get close to me?
I donít make you anything... yet...

Iím not a monster,
and Iím not to pretend to be that,
I just have diferent liking,
Diferents inclinations.

Iím not suicide,
Not even persecute to death,
my pain is my vitality.

Your weeping, pass over in silence
that you body bellow,
I can tell you that Iíll make miracles for you
and always iíll be the good girl
and I could make sweet a thousand cakes
with my mostly sweet.

But the only one thing I want is to be
the girl who dress your dreams,
this muse that inspire you for all everyday.

Can you see these scars?
Iíd promise you that I will never do again,
and I almost fall in the way.

I donít want see me bleed again....
but I want to feel that,
during years round Iíd done... but their eyes
were too blind... 5 years of my life
I waste them in hurting myself,
without seemig reasons.

I was sorrowful when he left me,
but I died whe he was close to me.

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Self Ė injury: Shame behind Scars

Self injury is self Ė destruction behavior and almost people that make it doesnít realize about it. Can pass over than ten years until get conscious about reality:
Youíre focus in the pain of your life and under no circumtances around you.
Youíre hurt in secret and when someone notice it youíll denied and say something like: ď I had an accidentĒ or ď I fell in pavementĒ ďI scrapped against wallĒ anyone can start to suspect about your scars.

Iíll tell the truth cutting is usually not a failed suicide attempt. Youíll can betray to your mother, your father or brothers and sisters, but you coulnít lie to you. You know perfectly whatís going on. Itís too hard to left self Ė injury in past, but isnít impossible!!

Iíve hurt myself since I was six now Iím eighteen and I donít hurt me anymore, except for Iím under a big pressure I try donít hurt myself anymore.

If you are in this circumstances looking for some help or if you prefer donít hesitate to ask me for help!! I would help you because I could explain to you my hints for donít do it.

Youír the more important in your own life!!!

Victoria Velasquez

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